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8th Edition Call for artists

Here we are at Paralela Platforma de Arte’s 8th edition, almost one decade of festival. Looking backwards, this moment boosts us forward in movement. Working with art far from big cities was never a simple task. When we look at it in the current Brazilian context, it becomes even more difficult.


Paralela’s 8th edition took us thinking about the meaning of number 8. It represents fighting, confrontation, and personal war. It also represents rebirth, renewal, reclamation, and personal victory. After two years of social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, resistance with and by art was hard and many times unsuccessful. Are all the people that arrived here victorious or resilient? Which strategies have been proposed to deal with pandemic times? Is it possible to think about "post-pandemic"?


All those questions follow our curatorial reflections. When we face so many catastrofes. At the same time, to build a possible future, we must face our present, in what we are working on now. We want to invite you to join us in our public work in PARALELA’s 8th edition. Which futures can we build together?

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