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The expanding possibilities of body expression exchange at the cerrado mineiro.
To create a platform that stimulates the realization of piercing proposals that builds tension, displayed as alternative, marginal and peripheral, far from the urban centers. Located at the edge of the city to explore uncommon spots for artistic development.

prll-rosa_Prancheta 1.png

It also concersn to:
the street, the courtyard, the bathroom, the sidewalk, the intersection,
the garden, the tree, the roof, the corner,
the bench, the portal, the square, the house, home,
the private, the public, the digital, the virtual, the real...
Different perspectives on bodies that migrate to explore atypical places and present fresh views over these ordinary areas.

In an unstable country as Brazil is, PARALELA does not position itself as fixed and definite. It is continuously built from experiences. It is transitional, flexible and resilient. Not limited by the possibilities, but broadened by them
There’s this need to incite art and artists to define stances, establish dialogues and build affections. Time to join forces, mobilize and fight for the control of our own narratives.

Shall we?

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